Introducing: Evva – Something Bigger

Photo by Jantina Talsma

Dutch singer/songwriter Evva releases her first single of 2021, entitled Something Bigger. It’s so unique. Fantastic vocals are accompanied by bass guitar, synthesizer, harmonies, and other elements. That makes the song stand out. With calm verses and a dynamic chorus, Evva balances between Dream Pop and Indie Pop. The lyrics are well-crafted, adding extra depth to the song.

Evva comments: ”Something Bigger is about insecurities and not being able to give yourself fully to someone because of it.” She adds: ”The song describes someone who first can seem mysterious and fun to the other, but in the end ‘the fire dies’ so to say and they realise both better off without each other. ‘Do you dream of something bigger’ means something bigger is out there as well as the expectation at first was ‘bigger’ than it eventually turned out: ‘did you dream of something bigger.’ ”

Something Bigger was produced and played by Evva herself. Listen below!