Introducing: FAKY – 99

J-Pop girl-group FAKY releases new single 99. The track is the OST from popular Japanese drama Rika-Reverse. It’s absolutely brilliant. Strong vocals flow over a creative production. Great chorus, easy to dance along to. With captivating lyrics, the group keeps listeners engaged.

Lil’ Fang (the leader of FAKY) comments: “From Rika-Reverse I felt the mixture of passion, purity, jealousy, exclusivity, and affection that everybody has so I dared to create lyrics that affirms all those emotions. The numbers in the title of the song represent the frustration and sadness that just can’t be satisfied. It feels like something is missing but you don’t know what it is.”

FAKY continues to make and put out music that’s distinctive. 99 is one of the best songs of March 2021, so far. Listen below!