Introducing: They/Live – To Know Your Love

They/Live is the project of Whitney Mower, a Utah-born musician and writer based in Los Angeles. She releases new single To Know Your Love via Born Losers Records. By adding a nostalgic touch to her music, listeners will be intrigued from the start. You’ll go back in time. What about the 80’s? To Know Your Love features rich vocals, ethereal synth lines, and  intricate drum patterns.

They/Live comments: ”I recorded To Know Your Love in 2020, deep into the Covid lockdown in a garage on my laptop. The chorus melody and lyrics came to me as I was driving through the mountains, up to Lake Tahoe, to see a friend who was quarantining in a cabin by a river—the first time I’d left the city in months. Italo Calvino’s book, Invisible Cities sat in the passenger’s seat. And as I drove, I dreamed of chasing a lover through distant, dreamy, foreign places—dark passageways and forbidden structures across humid evenings. That’s when the lyrics came to me: “… find you in the labyrinth unwinding / I go where I should never go / I learn what I should never learn to know your love / I give what I can never get back / I learn what I should never learn to know your love.”

They/Live created her own universe, where creativity is celebrated. If you’re listening to artists like Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins, then you’ll definitely like this song. Check it out below!