Introducing: Soft Streak – A Woman on the Verge

Soft Streak is based in LA. They reveal new indie Rock song A Woman on the Verge, taken from their long-awaited forthcoming album, which will be released in April 2021. It fuses crisp vocals with dreamy instrumentation. I really like the chorus. The lyrics are carefully crafted.

”Historically, I haven’t felt very comfortable talking about my feelings with other people. Because…gross. I don’t even really like having feelings (this is something I’m working on lol) and sometimes the feelings I do have don’t feel important enough to talk about.  

So, this song is about some really low mood swings, and patterns of depression – because its always easier to put it in a song.”

Soft Streak paints a unique soundscape. Their artistic abilities have no end. Check out A Woman on the Verge below!