Introducing: Susan Darvishi – Polaroid

Polaroid is the new single from pop singer-songwriter Susan Darvishi. It will be included on her new album 14th and 4th, due out May 2021. The distinctive vocals blend effortlessly with upbeat melodies. I really like the chorus, it’s fun to listen to. Susan’s lyrics are creative.

“This song is about how easy it is to meet someone in NYC, whether it be at a bar or a coffee shop. It’s a story about a girl who falls in love with a stranger after a chance meeting at a bar. The next morning, she realizes she never got his number, but had a Polaroid photo of him. Later on, it’s revealed that they’ve both been looking for each other and they reunite the next night at the same bar, holding polaroid photos of each other.” – Susan Darvishi

Listen to Polaroid below!