Introducing: Ferdous – Starlight

After releasing highly anticipated and mesmerizing debut EP For My Own Sake, Afghan-Dutch recording artist, writer, and producer Ferdous is back with brand new single Starlight. He puts his skills on display. However, even though the song has a dreamy quality in sound, it’s still powerful. The haunting vocals are accompanied by a futuristic melody.

Ferdous comments: While making this song I felt a bit desperate for an escape from myself and everything around me. I retreated to the Belgian countryside just to finish my debut EP in isolation, but there were moments where I would “drift off“ and I felt the need to start something fresh just to get my mind away from reality. That’s kind of how this song came to life, the tone is a bit dark on the surface but for me it felt like a great relief and gave me the escape I needed at that moment in my life.

Listeners are invited into Ferdous’ universe. Check out Starlight below!