Introducing: Ci Majr – Guillotine

Photo by Ciara Adkins

Ci Majr shares indie-pop anthem Guillotine. Its sound is really energetic. Throughout the track, strong vocals blend well with 80s-inspired synth lines, playful piano chords and punchy percussion. I consider Guillotine to be one of the best releases of March, so far. Primarily because of its originality. Each new release, Ci Majr reinvents herself in various ways. By adding a lot of character to the sound, she succeeds every time. This song perfectly displays Ci Majr’s artistic abilities.

Guillotine’s inspiration came to Ci Majr (Ciara Adkins) during the peak of the political tensions in the US back in  2020. When engaging in conversation between family and friends, she noticed that things seemed to be going round in circles with nobody really listening, quickly realising that people’s egos were what was getting in the way of any meaningful communication and understanding. Taking this concept and expanding it to include romantic relationships, Ci Majr wrote Guillotine as a response, learning a lot about herself in the process.

I think Ci Majr will become a major artist in the future. Guillotine should appear on every top chart worldwide. Listen below!