Introducing: Glennellen Anderson – Unbirthday

Artist Glennellen Anderson has built a devoted fan base by constantly innovating and creating standout music. This new song, called Unbirthday, draws influences from the likes of UPSAHL and Dua Lipa. With brilliant vocals and energizing instrumentals, listeners will be enthralled. I like the chorus of this song, because it’s so easy to sing along to.

The visual is shot at a lavish Los Angeles mansion, taking on an exaggerated dreamland of Glennellen’s very own wonderland.  The aesthetic is moody, tumblr princess vibes.  Not too glamorous, not too grunge. Hard edged, yet soft. Gloomy solo birthday party / afterparty aftermath. Thriving on solitude, yet longing for the company of something lost in the world.

Glennellen will release a five-song EP on April 9th, 2021. I recommend checking out Unbirthday in the meantime. A very solid production, demonstrating Glennellen’s talents for making hits.