Introducing: Jakob Longfield – So Bad

The music of Jakob Longfield has always been one of the most original in the modern era. The songs he creates are genuine and add a lot to the genre. So Bad is a brilliant new single from him. It combines strong vocals with pop instrumentation that’s quite infectious.

Jakob comments: ”This song is inspired by my current relationship and the friendship that I shared with my girlfriend before we started dating. I’ve known my current girlfriend for a very long time now. The first time we met, we were still in Highschool. However, this song’s not only about being in love but also about bonding, road trips, and being intimidated by the future. Basically, it’s about everything you experience when you’re in a new relationship, the magical but also the scary moments.”

Jakob showcases his versatility on So Bad. The production is undoubtedly one to remember. Listen below!