Introducing: Jessie Chambers – Dear Life

Singer/songwriter Jessie Chambers shares new single Dear Life, and yes, it’s a bop.  I really like the way the vocals are blended with the infectious instrumental. It shows how creative Jessie is. She focuses on being distinctive by incorporating a lot of various elements into her music. The song’s lyrics are exceptionally well-crafted, thought-provoking, and keep the listener interested.

Jessie comments: ”The concept for Dear Life came from one of the co-writers when she shared this idea of using the phrase “hanging on for dear life.” Immediately we were all inspired by what that could mean – is it a person? a feeling? a memory? your own anxieties? – all the above or entirely something else, but ultimately, it’s something that you can’t seem to shake. I wanted this song to be as weird and off-the-wall as the story itself but with a fun and lighthearted energy, like the only way out of this madness is to sing and dance through it. Dear Life is my upbeat and groovy way of saying “I wish I was free from this, but it’s hanging on for dear life.”

Jessie’s first release of 2021, Dear Life, is one of her best yet. Check out this brilliant production below!