Introducing: MILA – High Hopes

Rotterdam artist and songwriter Michelle Virginie Alblas, known as MILA, finally released her long-awaited debut EP, entitled Let Go / Control. Listeners will be captivated by the music of the project. Each song takes you on a journey into MILA’s universe. High Hopes, one of my personal favorites, is moody and a little dreamy. The airy vocals rise above a solid electronic production. With its fragile and powerful sound, MILA delivers something so real. Her lyrics are indeed thought-provoking and have poetic depth.

MILA about Let Go / Control: “For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my sensitive side. But whatever we try to suppress will eventually come back bigger. Let Go / Control gave me the opportunity to give voice both to my strong and my sensitive side. In the songs I speak of everything I never dared to say out loud.”

MILA consistently creates music that’s unlike anything else out there. The messages she conveys are meant to inspire you. I highly recommend checking out High Hopes.