Introducing: Savannah Conley – Not Where I’m Going

Nashville-born artist Savannah Conley’s new single, Not Where I’m Going, is taken from her upcoming EP, Surprise, Surprise, set for release in April 2021. The song begins slowly and gradually becomes more uplifting. The vocals are accompanied by various elements. I especially enjoyed the guitar work. With thoughtful lyrics, Savannah is able to characterize the music with a lot of personality.

Realizing the things that are bad for you is hard. Making a commitment to put boundaries on those things is harder. Writing this song, I was in a place where my boundaries and personal commitment were being tested. Everything felt wrong, so It was so tempting to go back to old patterns where moderation was not in my vocabulary for anything.”

In Savannah’s style we can see influences from Dolly Parton and Oasis. Her ability to blend genres is awesome, and illustrates her versatility. Check out Not Where I’m Going below!