Introducing: amm – Out of Control

amm, an independent artist from San Diego, releases new single Out of Control. This sound mixes elements of Indietronica and Indie, so that it’s both fresh and familiar at the same time. The song’s crisp vocals are an amazing addition to music. Because of the high quality of the lyrics, listeners will be captivated right away. It was was written by amm and her sister.

She comments: ”The song is about a shared experience that both my sister and I had of realizing we may be close friends with a narcissist. The verses in the song take an observational stance on the relationship and attempt to reevaluate and confront it for the toxic thing that it is. The chorus’ are the main idea, that this person who we were friends with is spinning out of control because they feel exposed and like they no longer have control over the relationship and can no longer can manipulate it like they did before.”

Check out Out of Control below!