Introducing: Daniel Netz – To The Valley Below

Recently, Israel based artist Daniel Netz released To The Valley Below, the first single taken from the same titled debut EP. Throughout the track, the vocals are in perfect balance. Daniel illustrates her skills as a sophisticated songwriter with thought-provoking lyrics. Soundwise, she takes influence from the likes of Lana Del Rey. You’ll like it, I’m sure.

To the Valley Below was written out of Daniel’s self-dialogue with anxiety. “In this moment of uncertainty, I’ve painted a better place for myself. a burden free, pure utopian world. no sadness, nor fear. not even happiness. a clean slate.

As human beings, we are capable of creating our own idea of “reality”, our own personal interpretation. it’s about changing our perspective, realising that the only true human power is the power of choice”.

To The Valley Below has a poetic quality. It contains inspirational messages. Listen below!