Introducing: Maxime x Glyn – Aura

An alternative R&B duo from the Netherlands, Maxime x Glyn, is currently one of 2021’s most promising acts. The music they make differs from other people, due to their skills and dedication. I really like the new single, Aura. Maxime x Glyn’s vocals are unique and keep the song flowing. In addition to being captivating, the instrumental features multiple rhythmic elements.

You will be inspired by Maxime x Glyn’s lyrics, which are motivating. Listening to Aura will give confidence. It tells a story about mental health, starting off with feelings of being lost and down. The cure for healing these feelings can be found in oneself: by taking ‘me-time’ and aligning ones mind, body and soul one can “keep his/her aura clean”.

Check out Aura below!