Introducing: Noha Saré – Lost

Photo credit: Kick van Doorn

Noha Saré, based in Amsterdam, is an up-and-coming artist who pursues new directions. Lost illustrates her ability to write tunes that speak directly to listeners. The lyrics are not only relevant, but also genuine, fitting the style of the music perfectly. On this track, a soulful vocal soars over a beat that incorporates elements from r&b and electro-pop. There are some well-crafted verses, which build up to timeless choruses.

Lost is a journey through Noha’s inner self. She explains: “Everybody has their own demons and it’s okay to talk about it. Most everyone has struggled with who they are, what they really want in life or where they’re headed. I got better in dealing with all my ups and downs, by accepting that it’s okay to be scared and insecure and it’s okay to not know where you’re heading.”

Lost is accompanied by a music video, directed by Izak Berman. The visual depicts the story in captivating ways. It has a high production value. My appreciation goes out to Noha, Izak, and the rest of the team for creating something brilliant.

Noha’s internal fight is embodied by 8 female performers. Two of them engage in a game of attraction and repulsion. The video shows an enchanting oscillation between pleasure and pain, past and future, hope and disbelief. Within a surreal composition, which seems to be somewhere between a dream and reality, we get a glance of the obscure side of Noha’s world.

Check out Lost below!