Introducing: LACUNA J – Fool (for loving you)

LACUNA J is a self-published artist/songwriter from Manchester who makes pop music with a bit of R&B thrown in. I enjoy listening to new single Fool (for loving you). It has a distinct beat that serves as a solid foundation. LACUNA’s vocals are a welcome addition. Wait for the chorus — certainly anthem-worthy. Fool (for loving you) is one of LACUNA’s best tracks yet, mainly because of its array of fresh elements.

She explains: ”When your best friend cannot give up that toxic person – Fool (For Loving You). Only knowing this because you’ve been in the same situation (ugh). Spectating and not able to get through their rose tinted glasses. When Life Sucks, you can still Sad Bop around your bedroom waiting for your bestie to come back.”

Check out Fool (for loving you) below!