Introducing: Sophie Janna – Wide World

Sophie Janna has a clear vision when it comes to her music. Lots of different factors go into the Dutch singer/songwriter’s unique sound, which is full of variety. New song, Wide World, was produced by producer duo Niko and Jakes, aka psych pop band pecq. Mellow instrumentation, melodious vocals, and fantastic harmonies serve as a foundation for most of the track.

My take on the lyrics is that they were thoughtfully constructed. Sophie says the following: ”I wrote Wide World when I wanted to convince someone to stay with me in Amsterdam, instead of go home to the other side of the world. I didn’t dare to say “I love you” out loud and neither did he. I wrote the song when he had left and sent it to him.”

Wide World is a great example of Sophie’s artistry, and her ability to make brilliant music. Check it out below!