Louis says: Introducing myself

Hey, I’m Louis, a 21-year-old from the Netherlands, and the founder of this blog. My hobbies include going for a walk with my dogs and playing video games.

Did you know Lefuturewave started as a SoundCloud channel that supported EDM tracks? Hearing acts like Una Mey and YVR inspired me to share more indie, pop, and R&B music. Since December 2018, I’ve been creating content on a (almost) daily basis. Within the same month, the blog was listed on SubmitHub and thanks to them, I was able to cover my website’s maintenance and marketing costs. When the first submissions came in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wow, how is this real? Could I be dreaming?

I still enjoy discovering new artists. As a platform, we don’t think in boxes. Diversity and inclusion are key features of Lefuturewave. My best advice for artists would be to never give up and don’t let anything hold you back. It’s all about having a vision.

I appreciate your reading this article. It was great fun writing it. In the future, I plan on posting more personal stuff.

– Louis