Introducing: Nova Rose – Somebody Else

Montreal singer-songwriter Nova Rose presents her new pop single, Somebody Else, which is a celebration of finding the courage to unveil yourself genuinely and completely, all the while encouraging others to liberate their own truth. There’s a solid beat in this tune, highly energetic and catchy. Vocals have a rich tone. Most likely you’ll sing along. Many unique elements can be found in the chorus. Throughout its different segments, I appreciated how everything is well-balanced.

You won’t be able to ignore the inspirational lyrics. Written at a time when when she felt like she didn’t fit into the music industry (looks-wise), Nova realized that if you choose to surround yourself with people who want to work with you for the right reasons, showing up to a writing session with no makeup and dressed in sweats is even better than arriving in full glam and flamboyant outfits.

One of the solidest productions of the past few months has been Somebody Else. Nova combines strong storytelling with a unique sound. Check it out below!