Introducing: Carly and The Universe – Sunset

R&B-infused band Carly and the Universe unveil their new single, Sunset. I appreciate the many changes in style throughout. While the verses are more chill, the chorus is super melodic. Carly’s vocals here are of high-quality. I’m impressed by the song’s thoughtful lyrics and poetic tone.

There’s also a music video for Sunset. It was shot on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a mountainous area in the middle of nowhere on a crazy day, as it was 100 degrees with no access to any facilities. The band was lucky they didn’t change the date of the shoot because a massive forest fire happened the next day, and the location where they shot all burned down – including the painting featured in the music video, which was painted by Carly herself.

A song like this evokes nostalgia. It will get you grooving and moving. Make sure to check out Sunset below!