Introducing: Nina Tribus – Once Upon A Show

Nina Tribus is a UK artist whose music style continues to evolve. Once Upon A Show, her latest single, shows off her strong vocal skills once again. Combining dark edged electronic beats and classical elements results in some solid instrumental work. You should really pay attention to the chorus. Nina writes brilliantly; every line has been well thought out.

Nina explains: ‘‘Once Upon a Show is like a melody from a long forgotten music box from your childhood. I remember the first time I went to the theatre as a child, being transfixed by the atmosphere, I thought ‘This is perfect. This is where I want to be’. Since then, that was my dream. However as in theatre, so in life, all that glitters really isn’t gold, and often that has a bittersweet taste of disillusionment. Is it all worth it? Is this thing that I am striving for even real? I don’t know, but I do know that dreams are just like little music boxes on a shelf, and whether they turn out to be real or just an illusion, you will only ever know at the end.’

Songs created by Nina have an authentic quality. On Once Upon A Show, you’ll hear an array of great sounds. Listen below, and add it to your playlist!