Introducing: MADOUX – Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers Cover)

Earlier today, Dutch Singer/songwriter MADOUX released her version of Righteous Brothers’ classic Unchained Melody. She adds dreamy, ethereal elements to the mix, creating something both fresh and modern. The vocals complement the instrumental well. Once the beat kicks in, the chorus becomes so unique.

MADOUX explains: ”Unchained Melody is a song that has been one of my favourite oldies for quite some time, one of those songs that draws you in completely and is just beautiful in its simplicity. When I was driving home in April last year, the song came up and somehow the lyrics got to me in a different light. It totally resonates with how I was feeling at the time and the situation the world was in; the uncertainty, longing to hold your loved ones, loneliness and feeling like you’re stuck in time.”

The sounds in this version are consistent and solid. It’s a fantastic production. because of the creativity that went into it. Stream Unchained Melody below!