Introducing: Honeycraft – Wishing

Honeycraft is a singer, songwriter and producer originally from Palo Alto, CA and now based in Los Angeles. She shares new single, Wishing. It’s dreamy, and offers some fabulous musical elements that showcase just how well this song has been produced. Throughout, the vocals provide movement. The lyrics are thoughtfully written, so I appreciate them a lot.

Regarding the track, Honeycraft says: ”This is a song about burnout–burnout from the crazy pressure to be productive all the time, to always be putting your best face forward, the expectation to be on the grind and always be striving. I know so many people who are secretly exhausted but who don’t share that on social media. I wanted to be vulnerable in this song and say–you know what? I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. And I’m pretty sure a lot of my peers are feeling the same way.”

Honeycraft delivers relatable music and immediately captures her audience’s attention. Check out Wishing below!