Introducing: Anastasiá – None of You

Photo by Lea’s Lens

Anastasiá, a South African-born artist, creates pop music with theatrical undertones. Have you heard None of You yet? I find it to be incredibly well-crafted. This brilliant track comes from Anastasiá’s debut EP, which is titled Hello Gorgeous, and is a continuation of her musical exploration and recurring theme of women empowerment.

None of You includes elements such as unique piano playing. Throughout, the vocals soar flawlessly over the production. While the intro is mellow, the chorus is dynamic. Writing lyrics like these requires significant skill.

Regarding the track, Anastasiá comments: ”I wrote None of You in response to being told (countless times) that my ‘bluntness’ scared off men (legit, scared them) and that if I ever wanted someone to date me I’d have to tone it down’ or ‘lower my standards.’ ” She adds: ”Can y’all believe? Anyways, you already know what I think about that and None of You runs along the same vein. Down with the patriarchy!”

Check out None of You below!