Introducing: MARBL – Never Get Out

Critically acclaimed Israeli Folk/Pop musician MARBL shares, Never Get Out. Mellow instrumentation, driven by guitar, draws the listener in instantly. With its array of rich vocals and expression-filled lyrics, this song offers something unique.

MARBL comments on the meaning behind Never Get Out: ”When you break up with someone you love fully, you can’t really let them go. Apparently, it happens, but there’s always a room in your heart, one only you know, where your lover still lingers in. I remember the moment I realized that he might never get thin enough to leave through the door to his room in my heart, and how I wrote it down immediately.”

Never Get Out is accompanied by a music video. A flawless visual representation of the story has been achieved. It shows a dark cloud following MARBL everywhere as a metaphor of not being able of letting go but finally disappearing in the end.