Introducing: Claudia Kate – a damn good place to start (Album)

Cambridgeshire-born, London-based singer-songwriter Claudia Kate shares her entirely homemade debut album; a damn good place to start. Every song has something unique and brilliant to offer. Brainworks with Ellie Dixon, for example, sounds exceptional. So far, one of the best collaborations of 2021.

Citrus Loser is the album’s lead single. The song focuses on thoughtful lyrics. It considers the feeling that you are not good enough, with vivid lyrics such as “I’m so bitter I’m made of lemons / a citrus loser, grapefruit for breakfast”. Claudia displays her singing ability with her crisp vocals.

A lot of highlights can be found on the album. Have you heard the empowering tune Boys, which explores the power behind being young and single? Atmospheric ballad Fat boasts a passionate, Kate Nash-esque monologue about body image struggles.

Claudia presents an album that contains nothing but good music. Expertly crafted, my compliments. Check out the full project below!