Introducing: Latifa – High On You

Latifa is a Birmingham-based singer/songwriter from Singapore. She recently shared, High On You. It starts off with an instrumental that emphasizes an original melody. As the song continues, it switches to a more House-influenced sound, making the song really energetic. You’ll start dancing the moment you hear the chorus. Another calm verse follows, and adds a great deal of balance. In this song, Latifa sings well, her voice complements the music perfectly. I consider this production iconic.

Latifa’s set of creative skills includes writing. High On You reflects on the emotional rollercoaster associated with getting to know someone romantically, highlighting that the temptation to rush into love too quick, while it makes for an intense and lustful ride, the flame usually burns out as quickly as it began.

Lyrics are accompanied by a music video. Carrie Hajny directed and produced it. Creative in terms of visuals. You can also find it below!