Introducing: Hanna Mel – Lost My Appetite

Dark-pop artist Hanna Mel unveils her new anthem, Lost My Appetite. The sound of this music is fierce and mystical. Excellent vocals, especially in terms of tone. There’s also a catchy melody that reflects the production’s creativity.

Hanna says the following about the track: ”The story behind Lost My Appetite goes back to this dude I once met. His outstanding charisma made him seem like a good guy at first, but his actions and values quickly changed my perception of him. Feelings of interest turned into disgust – it made me sick. Time and time again, he tried to win me back. But all I saw was this shallow facade. This song is a ‘fuck you’ to every dude who’s got hubris enough to think that everyone wants a piece, when they can’t even behave like a decent human being.”

Hannah is someone you should keep an eye on. She’s one of Sweden’s rising stars. Songs by her are exceptional. Losing My Appetite would be a perfect addition to your playlist, I’m sure. Listen below!