Introducing: Natalie Duque – Silence Hurts More

Natalie Duque is an Americana pop artist from Los Angeles. She releases her mini-EP, Gemini. You’ll find two songs on it. Strong vocals and a compelling instrumental are combined in Silence Hurts More. Additionally, there are lyrics full of profundity and thoughtfulness.

Duque explains: ”My mini-EP Gemini is based on my astrology sign, which is represented by the symbol of the twin and associated with a dual-natured personality. I wanted to show that dichotomy on this mini-EP by musically expressing two sides of the same coin. Know Me Better is a more sassy, in your face take on a challenging relationship, and Silence Hurts More is the softer, more vulnerable side of things. The concept behind this mini-EP is that it’s possible to view an experience from two separate lenses, and both can be true.”

Silence Hurts More connects with listeners. Its poetic character can be considered brilliant. Check out the audio below!