Introducing: Gaby Lagarda – Passion

Gaby Lagarda is a Mexian singer-songwriter who recently dropped her new single, Passion. This song presents creative melodies with musical innovation in its composition. A focused and soulful voice can be heard throughout.

Lagarda says the following about the track: ”The idea of Passion came from a moment when I was feeling stuck. I wanted to feel excited about life again and I started remembering what makes me happy. That week, I took a dance class where I met this incredible teacher who you could tell enjoyed sharing his knowledge with students. He told us that dancing wasn’t about perfect moves but more about expressing ourselves through our bodies and feeling the music. The rest of the class, I went for it and danced like nobody was watching. I felt extremely alive, inspired, grateful and free. I decided then that I had to dig deep, find what I truly feel passionate about and just do it, without trying to be perfect but just express myself the best way I could.” She adds: ”I wrote Passion with the purpose of inspiring others to feel the same way I felt that day during dance class. The lyrics are sung from the perspective of a fortune teller who is asking the listener to think about their deepest desires, let go of fears and take action in following their dreams. This song is all about freeing ourselves from every-day worries and keeping our inner fire alive, which is what really matters.”

Passion is an anthem that will empower you. The uplifting narrative and solid production elevate it to a high level. The style of Lagarda can be described as brilliant, since she incorporates so many authentic ideas into her work. Check out the audio below!