Introducing: Veronica – Follow the Sun

British singer-songwriter Veronica composes music that falls under the indie genre. Her new single, Follow the Sun, has some excellent instrumentation. It begins with brilliant guitar work, before the sound introduces additional elements that propel the piece forward. Every note Veronica sings is expressed with confidence, making her an exceptional performer.

The artist comments on the meaning behind Follow the Sun: ”As usual, I wrote this song not really knowing why, but the meaning came short after when one day I took my friends on and adventure, to shoot the artwork for this EP and we got lost in a forest. She adds: ”We then followed the sun to find our way back to the place we were looking for and we found it. That day was also special because I had dreamed about me and one of my friends looking for a beach with black sand, which was the same beach I wanted to get to to shoot the artwork.”

Check out Follow the Sun below!