Introducing: Posey x Harry Terrell x Elizabeth Woolf – Butter

Photo by Savannah Walters

Billie Holiday, Etta James, and Ottis Redding are among the influences that Posey draws from. Butter, her latest release, features producer/composer Harry Terrell and singer/guitarist Elizabeth Woolf. Instrumentation with a rich, detailed sound and soulful overtones make this an exceptional tune. Numerous aspects will appeal to listeners. In particular, the horn playing skills of Andris Mattson are amazing. Multi-layered vocals give the music its multidimensionality.

Butter describes the feeling you get when you put on your favorite pair of shoes. It’s a break from all the seriousness, to get you gassed-up and feeling good. This anthem will make you sing all day long. It conveys fun and energy.

Check out Butter below!