Introducing: EMSEA – HIGH

Toronto-born songstress EMSEA is a guitar-slinging indie pop artist whose creativity is hard to ignore. Although new to the game, EMSEA’s songwriting reveals a level of maturity and nostalgia that go well beyond her years.

HIGH, a recently released single, reaches audiences across the globe. The catchy arrangement provides the ideal backing for the strong vocals. As the song progresses, the chorus comes in and raises the energy level.

EMSEA sets the bar high from a lyrical perspective. She comments on HIGH: ”I wrote the song about being stuck inside for too long, and living through nostalgia and hypotheticals. It’s framed through the lens of a crush, almost as if I’m longing for someone’s attention. But really, at its core, it’s about how much I missed being out and able to travel and explore the world during the thick of the pandemic. It’s a reminder that no matter where you are (mentally or physically), one of the most powerful gifts we have, I think, is our agency over our own state of being and our ability to transport ourselves elsewhere, if only internally.”

EMSEA composes music with sincerity and emotional depth. Putting this self-produced track on your radar is a good idea. Check out the audio below!