Introducing: Grace Kay – play

With her full dreamy art-pop sound, Grace Kay, an LA born and raised artist, makes listeners soar. In her new single, play, she presents an infectious sound, one that’s maybe a bit minimalistic, but still very purposeful. By singing, Grace brings a soulful element to the music.

Regarding the track, Grace says: ”My best friend is a dancer. Her biggest fear is losing the ability to dance with age, which is funny because her dream is to be an actor. I just needed her to remember that there are more ways than one to express creativity. If one mode of creativity disappears with age, physical ability, or personal growth, there are a million other ways to create joy for ourselves. So let’s fuckin play while we can. That’s how the song was born.”

What an interesting concept for a song. Grace truly excels at songwriting. I think play communicates many great messages lyrically. Check out the audio below!