Introducing: Skaly – Like a Stranger

Meital Azulay (photo) and Ariella Keinan (editing) 

Skaly is an independent artist (songwriter, arranger, composer), currently residing in London, UK. Like a Stranger, a recently released ballad, successfully captures emotions. It portrays something so vulnerable and atmospheric. It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the arrangement, as it’s extraordinary. When it comes to her singing, Skaly impresses, especially at higher octaves.

Skaly says of the track: ”The song was inspired by feeling lonely in a relationship and wanting to make up for mistakes done in the past, the immense pain and sadness it causes but at the same time the great hope for better times. It’s also about dealing with derealization in a relationship, feeling disconnected from the world around and like a stranger to myself and to the partner I was with at the time. I was trying to heal a relationship when my own mental health was falling apart, trying to convince myself and my partner at that time that I was capable of it. I was lost in fantasies, but in reality I was feeling like a stranger.”

Check out Like a Stranger below!