Introducing: Lucy Clearwater – Bad Day (Daniel Powter Cover)

Lucy Clearwater, who originally hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, is 23 years young. She recently debuted her own take on Daniel Powter’s song Bad Day. You’ll be able to listen more actively because the sound keeps you focused. Drums, guitar, and pedal steel can all be heard in this recording. Also, have you noticed the strings? As the vocals surround the instrumental, they create a striking effect.

Lucy comments on the song: ”Daniel Powter (the original writer) told me this is the BEST version of his song that he’s ever heard! Okay, lets back up – I randomly posted a cover vid of it on insta. Jordan Ruiz(producer) saw it and asked me to send it to him, so I did, and a day later he sent it back with a full arrangement! Awesome. Posted that & got many comments saying we should record it. So, we did! Sent it to Daniel Powter and he loved it. It was a hit 15 yrs ago. lets bring it again!”

Here’s a slightly modernized version of a classic hit that some of you might already be familiar with. Lucy makes you feel nostalgic and takes you back to the ’00s. Check out the audio below!