Introducing: Gabriela Eva – Feng Shui

British singer and songwriter Gabriela Eva grew up in the countryside of Essex where her mother and strong female singers inspired her to express herself freely. Having dyslexia often left Gabriela outside the narrow box of the school curriculum.

She just put out a single, named Feng Shui, which is referring to ancient Chinese philosophy, where feng shui and astronomy were used to find correlations between humans and the universe. The song explores this in relation to finding mental balance and internal compass through the use of feng shui. As neurodiverse people are often left to find their own way, this idea goes hand in hand with advocating for neurodiversity. The school system was not designed to support alternative thinking, leaving neurodiverse people traumatized and marginalized.

Feng Shui contains soulful sounds that are perfectly suited for accompanying the story. Guitar and beat are notable parts of the production. Gabriela impresses, particularly in the second verse, by singing so expressively. Check out the audio below!