Introducing: Hemes – Calm

Hemes, an emerging British Arabic artist, released Calm as the second single off her upcoming debut EP Matters of the Mind, funded by BBC Horizons Wales Launchpad and Help Musicians Do it Differently.

With its modern electronic textures and choir-like harmonies, Calm is sonically moody and can bring a nostalgic sense of nostalgia. Hemes’ performance emphasizes the music’s significance. When you write songs like this, you set the bar incredibly high.

In this dark pop track, the listener gets a glimpse into the mind of someone seeking a sense of calm amidst all the chaos. Commentary by Hemes on the track: “I wrote Calm about the feeling of wanting inner peace, we all have times of chaos in our lives so I wanted to write an anthem that specifically addresses the longing for calm through the racing thoughts and overthinking that I felt. It was one of those songs that were unplanned, I always found it hard to talk about what I was feeling so I decided to write about it instead, and the feelings just poured out, I wrote it in my bedroom and then took it to the studio about a week later”

Hemes impresses with her expertise. Calm only makes people more curious about what’s coming next. It could be played non-stop on the radio. Check out the audio below!