Introducing: Lauren Dejey – Like a Curse

Like a Curse isn’t like your typical Alt-Pop ballad. It’s a mocking hymn to astrology’s witchcraft, dedicated to the toxic people Lauren Dejey met in her life. Her latest single displays Lauren’s self-confidence and sharp lyricism along with dreamy atmospheres and intriguing bass lines.

Like a Curse begins entirely a cappella. Bringing the lyrics more into focus only increases their importance. I think this approach is interesting, and I’m sure listeners will appreciate it.

Lauren says this about the track: “Like a Curse is all about playing into the Scorpio stereotype from astrology. I love star signs but mine is usually made out to be vengeful, manipulative, ruthless, and jealous. So I thought, you know what why not be a bad bitch who will haunt you forever if you hurt her and probably poison your tea or something?“

Kali Ma, Lauren’s debut EP, will be released on 27 October 2021. Like a Curse sets high expectations. Make sure to check it out below!