Introducing: Estherlivia – hollow

Estherlivia (Esther Ribbstedt Österman) is a 24 year old producer born in Mariestad, Sweden, who began her career as a producer in her childhood home. Her most recent song, hollow, has already received high praise. The arrangement includes some surprises, especially around 2:00, when the sound changes direction. Despite the chorus’s catchiness, there’s something a little moody about it as well.

Estherhliva is not only expressive while she sings, but she’s also able to connect with the listener. Strong lyrics are the foundation of her music. hollow talks about people who can’t speak their mind, and when they finally say something you get even more confused.

Estherlivia has the talent to become a prominent pop artist. Her unique sound sets her apart from others in the scene. Nobody does what she does.

Check out hollow below!