Introducing: Callen – What Could I Do

With his new single, What Could I Do, singer-songwriter Callen is set to make waves. It has a familiar pop sound that immediately catches your ear. Strong vocals are backed by up-tempo instrumentals whose energy gets reflected in the sound. There’s an infectious chorus that keeps people on their feet. The lyrics are meaningful, and they tell a story. Because of their relatable nature, you’ll be able to notice and understand the content much more easily.

Callen says the following about the track: ”What Could I Do is a reflection of my youth. A good part of it is about wishing I didn’t take life so seriously growing up. Another part of it is a reflection on my letting go of previous relationships without really understanding any sort of closure. Together, those two reflections lead me to the chorus which is dealing with the anxiety that comes with retrospect and heartache aka shit that’s out of my control.”

It sounds like Callen just scored a radio hit here. Musically, he’s next level. Check What Could I Do below!