Introducing: Jillian Lake – Don’t Scuff Your Shoes

Jillian Lake, a Vancouver indie artist whose music combines velvet sounds with big emotions, transports you into her world of sweet sorrow in a manner that will make you want to dance your heart out. Don’t Scuff Your Shoes recently came out. A central focus of the track is the intricate instrumentation, led by an engaging rhythm and moody guitar playing. Delicate vocals are particularly effective, as they capture the tone of the song to perfection.

Jillian says about the track :”This song is one of my earliest, when I first started spewing my feelings into songs. Back when I loved swimming in my heartache and indulging in overthinking every moment once had. Without holding back, I just poured my heart out onto the page – a messy and mumbling depiction of every feeling I was feeling as I felt it.”

Heartfelt expressions always resonate with the soul in some way. It’s no different now. Don’t Scuff Your Shoes should definitely be on your radar. Check out the audio below!