Introducing: Julia Lostrom – Walk Away

Photo Credit: @foliepictorial

Melbourne based, Zambian raised and Greek born singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom presents her soulful jam, Walk Away. It features atmospheric, electronic tones and rich textures. I guarantee you’ll be hypnotized by it. Strong vocals swirl around the soundscape, putting the lyrics prominently in focus.

Walk Away expresses  the feeling of numbness and frustration of being stuck in an unfulfilling routine when we don’t know where our lives are heading. It’s a tune that encapsulates Julia’s realization that things needed to change, while also acknowledging the hesitancy and fear that come with it.

On Walk Away, Julia says, “Last year really shook things up for me. It gave me the courage to look within and helped me realise the changes I needed to make, so this song represents that realisation but also the fear of change. Change can be scary, it’s uncomfortable but it’s so necessary and I’m so glad I finally worked up the courage to make the changes I needed to, and this song really initiated it all for me.”

With a production such as this, Julia makes sure the world knows about her extensive repertoire of creative competencies. In particular, the last chorus will win audiences over. Check out Walk Away below!