Introducing: DANA – Making Up A Dad

DANA, a 24-year-old singer/songwriter, writes music that helps people to understand what it means to be vulnerable. Making Up A Dad focuses on the role of the father, or rather his absence, in DANA’s case. Where do we find what our parents could never provide us with? In every person who makes us feel at home, according to the song.

This production, although it has some technically intricate moments, is generally mellow. It’s primarily driven by the lyrics. The music, however, remains fascinating. The vocals are connected to the instrumental in so many ways. They work together as a team. A layer of additional expression is added to the sound through the piano. Ethereal components create a captivating atmosphere, enabling you to immerse yourself in the track.

DANA talks about subjects that are of importance. Listeners feel comforted by it, and it may even help them to heal. Check out Making Up A Dad below!