Introducing: esmerelda – Jenny

Photo Credit: Holly McCandless-Desmond

London-based artist esmerelda reveals her newest single, Jenny. It has been co-produced by BROOKFIELD (Charli XCX, Anne Marie) and electronic artist Sølv. When you start listening, lively electro-beats, bright handclaps and a compelling vocal welcome you. esmerelda sets the tone perfectly, making you want to discover what the rest of the production has to offer. Later added features have a fascinating effect on them. Components like the buzzing basslines and sinister synths accentuate the grandiosity of the soundscape.

esmerelda said about the single: “Jenny is a song about being possessed by demons – literally or figuratively, it’s up for interpretation….in many ways it’s based on me. I wrote it at a time where I was pretty overwhelmed and anxious. I had a lot of things I wanted to achieve, so I was experiencing this manic confidence. There are these 2 voices talking to Jenny throughout the song; the voice of her friends and family, telling her to watch her step and look after herself, then the voice of the demons telling her to press the self-destruct button on her own life. I haven’t decided if she’s evil by the end of the song, or whether she finds a home between the two forces, but it definitely ends in a powerful transformation.”

esmerelda has carved out her own style within the world of music. No other artist sounds quite like her. She does things her way.  For this, we should praise her. Check out Jenny below!