Introducing: JAMiiSON – SIGNALS

JAMiiSON is a pop artist who engages her audience with fun, danceable songs while staying true to herself and what she believes in. SIGNALS includes tranquil melodies, soulful beats, and catchy riffs. Jameson’s vocal abilities are fully showcased in this performance.

While isolating at home with our significant others, JAMiiSON observed romantic relationships being stretched to there limits. While some couples proved to be extremely compatible, others fell apart because of their incompatibilities. SIGNALS is written from the perspective of the latter group. JAMiiSON wants her listeners to delve deeply into her message and maybe even reevaluate their own situation. Loving someone should be about actively choosing them over and over again. In other words, it shouldn’t feel like an obligation or a burden, hence the chorus line are you sticking with me or just stuck with me.”

JAMiiSON shows here that she has a very innovative way of creative thinking. Her approach to writing and making music is refreshing. I appreciate the fact she strives for originality. SIGNALS can be regarded as profound on many levels. Check out the audio below!