Introducing: Priya Francis – Swimming

Priya Francis is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne who excels at making alternative RnB music. During the last two years, she has been making progress toward a boldly personal EP with each new release. Her latest single, Swimming, focuses on finding independence. The lyrics are interesting as they provide a glimpse into Priya’s mind. They will speak directly to the heart and soul of anyone who listens to them. Perhaps you can relate to the situation described here.

Although Priya asks for being left alone in the song, writing the song showed her that she was addressing her own concerns of always having someone looking over her shoulder. A central theme in Swimming is realizing that she must figure things out for herself and make her own mistakes.

When speaking about the track, Priya states: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve also become a bit more confident writing about my actual feelings rather than what I think I should be writing about. Being in lockdown, having to really put effort into relationships and connections, it’s been a time in my life where I get to experience and hear all of my feelings and thoughts at full volume.”

Aside from the context, the music is also very compelling. Guitar-driven melodies can be considered the driving force behind the production. Lyrics are accompanied by soulful vocals that make sure that they get their chance to fully shine. A strong chorus makes you feel immersed.

Check out Swimming below!