Introducing: Anna Sun – What a Shame

Indie-pop-rock trio Anna Sun captures the pain of loss in their new single What A Shame. A deeply moving song from all perspectives. Its powerful lyrics are sure to move anyone who hears them. Lead singer Samantha Aneson expresses herself in a very personal, vulnerable way. Through her beautiful vocal performance, she’s able to emphasize each word.

What A Shame was written as a catharsis for lead singer Samanth as she was losing her mother to dementia. “I’ve grown to love the dichotomy of pain and lightness in art. How one can make the other so much more pronounced,” Aneson reflects. “I was in a place (am forever in a place) of begrudgingly agreeing to this reality that’s been forced upon me. Having to move forward without railing against existence for doing something that once seemed so unimaginable. Having to find light in my nightmare.”

A unique musical composition accompanies Samantha’s thoughts. Guitar and drums are both present. Check out What A Shame below!