LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM, comprised of Dillan Sondervan, Tessa Lamers and Maaike van der Weide, recently put out their new single Circles. When you listen to it, you’ll be surrounded by an atmospheric sound. Despite only using a few instruments, the trio created a lot of layers and loops. This adds detail and complexity to the production. It further illustrates LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM’s musical focus.

During the first writing session for LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM’s upcoming album, Circles was created. The idea of being stuck in a vicious circle led to the creation of this song. It can be expressed through thought-patterns that keep repeating themselves when you’re trying to break through. It’s also about listening to your instincts rather than telling yourself the same thing continuously. The track also represents the state of our society and the crisis we’re still in. It’s like we’re stuck, like we’re almost there with light at the end of the tunnel. We seem to start over every time, we seem to fall back into the past.

LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM says: “With Circles we wanted to set a distinct atmosphere and we also want it to be the start and announcement of a new era. We are well adjusted to each other now and we know each other’s strengths very well. For Circles we really searched for more depth and layering, what results in a more mature sound that we like you to get to know. We also hope that the song will be a reminder (also to society) for listening to your heart more and to look at patterns that might be worth breaking. That’s where growth starts.”

A song like Circles has a lot of relevance lyrically, referring to our current era. Taking the time to hear what it has to say can help us gain a deeper understanding of not just the world around us, but also of ourselves as individuals. LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM ties music and poetry together, enabling them to flow in the same direction.

The music video for Circles represents the artistic vision of LOWADDICTSSOUNDSYSTEM in visual form. Although it’s mysterious, it complements the song’s theme nicely.

Check out Circles below!